Mobile Diagnostics: It’s Complicated: Mobile Frustrations & Churn

There’s no denying that mobile devices rule our lives. Our new research study reveals that as much as users love their mobile devices, they equally hate when functionality fails. Worst of all, when expectations aren’t met – whether it’s constant device malfunctions, ineffective customer service/repairs or the combination of both – users won’t think twice before walking away from their mobile carriers and device manufacturers, for good.

Here are the top three findings from our study that should make mobile carriers and OEMs sit up and take notice:

  • 31 percent of mobile users typically experience problems/issues with their mobile devices at least once a month and as often as several times in a year.
  • 38 percent of respondents cite battery life as the most common type of device issue they experience, while 13 percent say frozen/crashed apps occur most frequently.
  • The combination of faulty mobile devices and ineffective customer service would cause 31 percent of mobile users to switch to different mobile carriers and another 33 percent to change their device manufacturers.
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What You Will Learn:

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A snapshot of the most frequent and most frustrating device issues

Insights into customer expectations for diagnosing and repairing ‘faulty’ devices

How faulty devices and ineffective care can take a negative toll on customer loyalty and sales

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