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With Blancco 5 Mobile Diagnostics, MNOs and recycling partners gain access to efficient, objective tests to determine hardware’s viability for resale. Blancco 5 Mobile provides full erasure, unlike factory resets, which leave behind recoverable data. Reports from Blancco mobile products upload to a console for a centralized view of each device’s hardware health and erasure results.

Benefits of Blancco’s end-to-end automation include:

  • Blancco 5 Mobile
    Secure data erasure and a transparent audit trail for smartphones and tablets. New! Simultaneously erase up to 50 devices.

  • Blancco 5 Mobile Diagnostics
    End-to-end diagnostics solution to reduce cost, add value and increase customer satisfaction. 51 audio, display signal, connectivity, power and performance tests available.

For more detailed information take a look at the Blancco 5 Mobile and Blancco 5 Mobile Diagnostics product sheets.
End-to-end automation at your fingertips!

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics

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